Lexan - Polycarbonate
Invitation with see-thru cut out. Fabricated with screen printing on front and rear.

Dial reversed screen print
​with epoxy based inks.
Aluminum Dial
Fabricated, chem-film, painted and screen printed in epoxies.
 Lexan - Polycarboante
Overlay control panel reversed screen printed on the rear.
 Powder Coating - Painting
Audio chassis powder coated, screen print top cover. Front panel painted Class"A" Finish using polyurethane eight color screen printing.
 Acrylic - Plexiglass
Lighted panel, fabricated, painted,
and screen printed.
Screen printed in lacquer ink.
Painted with flat black epoxy with two color print.
   Radius Engraved
Camera Lens Chassis
Masked and primed per MIL-PRF-23377, Type I, Class 2.

Powder coated and screen printed two                colors with epoxy ink.

 Lexan - Polycarbonate
10 color run